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Another Update

Well, the Afghan evacuation is over and getting anybody else out will be reliant on the Taliban’s goodwill and I’m not sure how much of that will be forthcoming. That said they may be willing to trade in exchange for aid or support. Unless, of course, China bankrolls them. I see Mr Farthing got some of his animals out, but not his staff. I think there’s two questions for him: When did the FCDO first advise UK nationals to leave Afghanistan? – Dominic Raab has been quoted as saying it was in April which I can’t confirm but by the 6th August that advice was definitely out there. The question is what action did he take to secure an exit when he received that advice? Secondly, how many people couldn’t be processed and therefore get out because his animals were being processed?

A snippet of news that did cheer me up; apparently the UK managed to evacuate a sizeable number of Afghan Special Forces soldiers and their families. Enough, apparently that serious consideration is being given to enrolling them in the British Army in a similar way to the Brigade of Ghurkas. So a few hundred combat veteran Special Forces versions of what are anyway the best guerrilla fighters on Earth is going to add some very special sauce to the British Army I think. Bring it on.

Interesting to see that this site has seven users now. Interesting in the sense that there has not been a single comment since I started this blog. So, here’s the thing: All the subscribers who don’t post a comment in the next two weeks will be deleted.

In general, if you take the time to read this blog please comment. It’s fine if you don’t agree with me – these are my personal views and I am under no illusion that I have special insight but let’s talk about it.

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